3 Reasons Why Your Husband Will Visit an Escort

Those who have been in the escort industry for years now will attest to the fact that there are lots of men who are actually coming again and again in Vegas to see an escort lady. But, most of them are married. With the rates of married men going to Vegas to see an escort, the question about why they do it and what makes them come back to see the girls over and over again. It is a bit hard to ask why of all the people who will be able to go and see an escort, married men keep coming back. It is a fact that married men are so stressed out by their work and their daily routine, but why will they go out with an escort if they can go home and be with their wife and kids?

3 common reasons why your husband may visit an escort

1. Married men might not be getting adequate amounts of sex from his wife

Men by nature are polygamous as what most people would say, but some are not really that type. But of course, due to life’s unexpected instances, they tend to long for some of the things that they have been deprived of. It is not about the wife not giving them sex as often as they want, but it is their nature to long for it. It is best to talk about it and discuss if there could be a schedule as to when the couple can have a sexual intercourse. Nowadays, couples tend to work and both of them are busy in whatever they do, but there should still be a constant communication to prevent such instances from taking place. Escorting is a job and so the wives must not take it against the escort, because this is not about the husband finding a mistress, but someone to release the tensions with.

2. The husband is looking for new things

It is not always about not getting enough sex at home, but it is about being bored with the old things that the husband and wife shares. If the couples have been together for years now, things will be a bit different. The excitement between each other will just go and the husband or wife may look for something that is not at home. This is a bit normal for men and women, that makes the husband look for an escort to discover new things. It may be used by the husband to his wife and not for a permanent encounter or relationship with the escort. The hottest escort ladies will keep men happy and very much contented, that’s probably one reason why they turn to escort ladies whenever they do not get the attention that they have been looking at home.

3. Men constantly look for intimacy

It has been a wrong connotation that men always look for sex. Their need for intimacy is not always related to sex, which most women think of. Men need a little caressing, touching and cuddling makes them feel important and secure too with the love that they need to constantly get at home. If the intimacy is gone, they will look for it elsewhere. As what a typical escort in Vegas would say, men are not really looking for someone to replace their wives, they just need a company to help them go through the day without being bored. They want a variety that they are looking for at home, if that is not visible at home, of course they will look for it outside of their home.

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