quick intense orgasm

The quick way to your most intense orgasm

In the modern day world, having what you want and at the earliest convenience has become quite a way of life. While most people take quite rigorous efforts to achieve an orgasm, the main problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions about orgasm in our society. In fact, most people are misinformed about how exactly reaching orgasm can be attained.

Achieving orgasmic release does not need to be hard work. However, you need to have a crystal clear understanding of what stimulates and drives the human body to orgasmic release. Once you have understood the basics of how to reach orgasm, then you can get away with even more pleasure and earn your ticket to a quick way to the most intense orgasmic releases possible. Having an intense orgasm is not really complicated or a reserve for only pornography stars, it is something everyone is naturally capable of.quick intense orgasm

Interestingly, all orgasms work almost the same way. First, you have to stimulate your body and hold on the sensation of pleasure and the more you can hold it the more the intense the experience.  There are 4 major ways to a quick and intense orgasm.

  • The first way to achieve a quick and intense orgasm is to do kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are scientifically acclaimed as the best approach to strengthen and awaken the nerve network around the genitals. Kegel exercises are also an effective way to get control of the muscles around the genitalia hence more sensitivity to touch and sexual stimulation that builds orgasmic release.
  • Another major strategy to build a quick and intense orgasm is through taking control of your breath. Ideally, you need to concentrate on your breathing as you approach orgasm. Take deep slow breaths and assume this breathing pattern of slow and deep breathing.  You will find that it will heighten your sexual arousal and lead you to an intense orgasm.
  • Improving and optimizing the flow of blood to your genitals is an equally effective way to build a quick and intense orgasm. The body responds to the flow of blood and optimum circulation in the genitalia by giving you an arousal and hence a great motivation for reaching intense orgasmic release. Therefore, you should take the lead and exercise or watch some pornographic materials to stimulate intense flow and circulation of blood not only to your genitalia, but throughout your body to help you get a quick arousal and a consequent intense orgasm.
  • Getting a quick and intense orgasm is actually possible and it takes building up your arousal slowly and holding back the release when you near orgasm. Holding back the release when you approach climax is effective as it builds a short-lived tension for a few minutes and then explodes with much intensity. Holding back pays well since it works like closing a water pathway and then unblocking it to let the water rush out. It is similar to what a dam works like on a river as it holds a reservoir, which then pours water out intensely like a natural waterfall.quick intense orgasm

Try out these four tips, and see for yourself how much more you will enjoy intense orgasm. Just take your time to practice them.

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