Hi, my name is Frank Edward and I have been reviewing escort, swinger and escort services for the past 20 years. Before the internet, I reviewed local escort services and wrote many articles for alternative lifestyle magazines, escort review newspapers and swinger magazines reviewing both Escort Services and Independent Escort Providers in major cities located across the United States.

I currently own 4 local free Alternative lifestyle newspapers in the Los Angeles, California, Miami, and Arizona area catering to alternative lifestyles: Swingers, lesbians, gay, piercing, tattoos, and companionship connoisseurs. It’s the second largest free publication in the US for alternative lifestyles. I’ve also been an escort hobbyist for most of my entire life. I’ve personally have had over 500 dates with escorts in the past 20 years. Most likely you have found this website from my personal column I write weekly in my newspapers.

With the invention of the internet, we have seen a brand new market place emerge to showcase escorts and escort companies. Over the past few years we have seen many escort sites come and go. It’s very important when choosing an escort company to read “real reviews” from real people who have used and experienced the escort site themselves. Make sure the site you use can be trusted as being a reliable site for finding local escorts.

During the past 20 years I have personally reviewed more than 340 local escort companies as well as 41 escort websites. Out of those 41 escort sites I have reviewed in the past few years, only a slight majority of them have received remarkable reviews. Most of the Escort Sites I have reviewed have not been so great for many reasons. But there are a few that stand out as being exceptional.